Before the Storm (tbn) 4e

2: Into the Tomb!

The party had just slain the kobold bandits and were searching the loot piled in the cave when Carl, the Rogue, found a pool with glowing crystal lights in it.  Diving down he found the pool was a tunnel, carved by some highly advanced culture.  Swimming its length, the party found on the other side a large cavern with 4 giant statues and a tunnel (also carved) with a door at the end sealed by 5 colored gemstones.  The statues and architecture were strange, of no known race or style any in the party were aware of.

Galedon, an Eladrin mage of some ability, searched two corpses while the others searched the tunnel or attempted to claim on the of glowing crystal lights for themselves.  One corpse was human, an explorer of the Pathfinder society trapped in this cavern by the kobold bandits outside, unable to escape; apparently an expert on the  ancient culture, he had an easily-mended diary on him with detailed sketches of other examples of their ruins.  The other corpse was a black dragon's, with a number of scales left as its only remains.  He, Una the Feylock, and Raziel (another Eladrin mage), took some scales for themselves for further study.

Danger struck, as the party encountered a massive Ooze as part of the Tomb's defenses.  The tunnel was covered in strange powder, and when the adventurers (still wet from swimming, having not taken the time to dry off) walked on it the moisture from their clothes melted some of the powder and animated it as an Ochre Jelly!  Barely able to stop it with sword and spell, they nevertheless discovered the tomb was no easy-picked treasure trove.  Using a clue from the Pathfinder Diary, they solved the gemstone puzzle and made their way in.

 Inside the tomb had three doors: one to either side, and a large sealed door with an empty space where a keystone could fit: obviously the other doors held the secret keys.

One of the doors saw a large floor with a checkerboard pattern and four armored statues.  At the other end were stone steps and a pendant on the wall, obviously half the keystone for the middle door.  As Igneo and Hephastus were about to trod on it, Galedon called out a warning; too late, for Heph set foot on the floor and the statues came to life!  The four of them teleported about the board in the manner of Chessmen, a game of strategy used by nobles to pass the time.  The party barely escaped their twin scimitar attacks, finally overcoming them with the massive assault of their combined powers and area-effect spells.  Igneo grasped the amulet, and they left the room.

Now two more doors lie ahead of them: one to get the keystone, the other to collect their hard-earned rewards… if they survive the challenges ahead!  



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