Before the Storm (tbn) 4e

3. The Dragon's Maw

Moving forward, the band explored the rest of the tomb:

 One room was filled with pendulums swinging back and forth across a mist-filled chasm.  The party at first struggled to figure out how to get across while tied together.  Finally, however, Oonagh the Feylock lept from pendulum to pendulum to the other side.  The Amulet was taken, and she got back before the others had finished tying ropes about their waists.

 The Amulet peices were put together, and the door to the third room was opened.  

Inside a collection of metal statues ont he walls of a massive crypt guarded a great sarcophagus.  On the side walls were stories the PCs couldn't discypher, likely hinting at information about the gods from the earlier war (who, as they all knew, could no longer be comprehended by mortals).   On the far wall was a sheet of thick glass with a hole fore a symbol in its surface.  

The party attempted to open the sarcophagus, which was carved like yet more of the strange, advanced race, when the statues on the walls attacked.  The battle was close, as the statues had apparently been forged for war let along a small, stalwart band; four of them were warriors, with one of them designed to shoot bolts of magical flame.  The party overcame them, however, and opened the sarcophagus as planned.

Inside were several magical weapons and other devices of note, as well as a suit of magical plate armor.  The body was a skeleton by now, clutching in its hand a metal shape like the symbol on the far wall. When one of the adventurers grabbed it, the skeleton sat up and tried to pull it away, clutching it to its chest.  The party smashed the skeleton easily, as it was ancient and dried up.  

The symbol fit into the wall, and hung there for a moment before the glass disappeared, leaving the symbol to float in the air.  Beyond it was a long stairway going down, down, down.  On the air could be heard the faintest of clicking noises, and a strange odor like digesting meat.  The party opted not to go that way, and turned back, taking the symbol from the air, recreating the glass wall.

Leaving the Tomb fully rested and armed with magical weapons, the group was about to go into the pool when they were ambushed by the true leader of the Kobold tribe: a Black Dragon the size of a horse!  Trapped in the hallway leading from the cave to the Tomb's door, the PCs were blasted with the dragon's acid and left to scramble to safety.

The Dragon, it turned out, was the cause of the kobolds attacking the merchants, to bring it tribute.  Finding the PCs had gotten through to the Tomb where it could not, it decided to let them face the dangers and bring it treasure.  It flew about the roof of the cavern as they scrambled about below, seeking cover behind statues and waiting for its breath to gather for more blasts of digesting acid.  Its minion, a Kobold Wyrmpriest, likewise blasted them with elemental power from a ledge above them.

The battle was fierce, with the decisive blows struck by the dwarf and Hephastus the warrior, with magical help from Oonagh landing the final strike. The party found a pile of gold where the Wyrm had slept.  They gathered up the dragon scales, and the gold, their magical weapons and one of the Warforged Statues from the Tomb for later study.

The adventurers got back to Winterhaven.  The Eladrin Wizard and the Dwarven Fighter decided to leave the party to explore the journal of the Pathfinder Society member whose corpse was left in the cave of the Dragon; they told the others they would contact them if they found a lost ruin deep in Blackthorn forest, from ancient days, promising treasures and arcane Lore.  The others, however, wanted to find what the Warforged Construct was made of before going to explore ruins.  Thus was the party split.



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