Before the Storm (tbn) 4e

4. Rogues of Brightmoon

While the party (now consisting of Oonagh, Carl, and Raziel) rested in Winterhaven, Hephastus went on ahead to Brightmoon with a merchant caravan, wishing to spend his earnings from the Tomb in a manner more fit a robust warrior: betting on himself in the ring of the Witch's Teat pub, where all the cool warriors go.  The others looked into the Warforged's nature, but were told that only a skilled dwarf or goblin artificer would be able to help them; Burom the Blacksmith in Brightmoon might know what to do.

 Meanwhile, another band had formed:  Thursday, a young Noblewoman-turn-swordmaiden, and Kali, an adventuring undead slayer (and secret member of the Order of the Golden Chalice), had met and decided to face the world together; both had faced perils on their own, and thought well of teaming up. The two of them had not wandered far when they found a burned-down village.  The only survivors were a dying old woman, and an adorable yet mysterious little girl she had been caring for, named Lanu.  The old woman begged with her dying breath that the adventuresses would guard the child, which they promised. Lanu was quiet, and shaken by whatever had destroyed the village, but was very grateful for her two new protectors.

Not long after riding into the woods, they found a slavers' caravan led by a Tiefling Nobleman; the symbols on the wagon were those of the Order of the Chain, a well known and powerful merchantile organization.  The one slave present was a muscled Nordheimer barbarian named Xtapa, who had been chained up and was being tortured by the Tiefling for some unspoken slight.

The adventurers tried to purchase Xtapa, seeing to sense in cruelty, but the slavers refused; Xtapa used the exchange to break free of his bonds, and battle soon followed.  The party slew the guards, but when Kali used her Radient Flame powers (being a secret Cleric) the Tiefling recognized the ability, swore vengeance for harming him, and teleported away using a magical item on his belt.  Xtapa was grateful, though, and joined them in their journey.  The Town of Brightmoon was nearby, and they would rest there.

The original party was making its way through the woods when it found the smaller band fighting a pack of wolves.  These beasts fell quickly to their combined might, and the group decided to travel together for safety's sake.  Oonagh and Raziel caught Lanu's eye, as she recognized their Fey connection (Feylock and Eladrin Wizard), and this was enough grounds for a friendship between the two groups; more time, pitching in for better quarters at an Inn and some food, seemed in order.

Once there, the group discovered a talkative Innkeeper named Frank, who warned them that the various power groups in Brightmoon were not to be trifled with: the Baron's men, the Thieves' guild, and the Order of the Chain (who were new, but very strong).

That night the party was contacted by the Thieves' Guild of Brightmoon: a massive number of cloaked and silent men with crossbows snuck into their rooms and had captured Lanu as a hostage.  Their Leadership, Mr. Talon, informed them they had been drafted by the Guild to steal items around the town, all in one night.  If they failed, the girl would die at the hands of Mr Giggles (a massive, serious man with a permanent "smile" scarred into his cheeks).  Their belongings had been taken and moved to the final meetup site outside of town.  

the list:   The dwarf Blacksmith's hammer; the tailor's toe ring; a book from the Haunted Temple; the Trophy above the Mantlepeice of the Witch's Teat Inn; the flail of the Ogre Warhulk of the Order of the Chain; a Prisoner from the Baron's dungeon; and as many of the Baron's Hippogriffs, which they would fly to the meeting point outside of town.

In short, the party managed to steal the toe ring and the hammer, but the town guards were called, raising the alert level of Brightmoon (after this, travel would be more difficult).  They snuck into the Haunted Temple easily enough, and felt the crushing despair of the ghosts of Clerics whose deity had been slain and forgotten; getting the book before the spirits swallowed their souls was easier said than done, but they survived.

Now they rested quickly before moving forward to the Teat and the rest of the tasks.



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