Human Kingdoms


A pirate town ruled by a league of pirate captains, thieves' guilds, and assasin brotherhoods.  Suffice it to say, if it can't be found there, you're not looking hard enough.


A Citystate of some wealth.






A southern city of great wealth and decadence, believed to be the most ancient of cities.  Bezagar has a number of ethnicities of humans dwelling within, and truthfully almost anything can be found within to some extent.  The ancient capital of a vast empire was once more vibrant but, some say, is collapsing under its own decadence.  Dozens of mage guilds have operated for centuries, with archmages aplenty weilding legendary magic before the fall of the Forgotten Gods.  Mercenary companies, guilds of assassins and thieves, merchants and nobles, slavers and traders and enough masses of people the city steams from their perspiration under the hot sun.  Many have lived their whole lives never having left it, having no need in the great labyrinth of streets and houses, some ramshackle and haphazardly built upon existing foundations.  Indeed, so much time has passed with so much history, neighbourhoods levelled by fire or invasion, that many foundations exist upon each other.

Human Kingdoms

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