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Before the Storm

 Welcome to the World.  This is the Wiki: a list of all the campaign infor you'll want to read on the setting. 

To see the list, scroll down and you'll see underneath the advertisment a "show all" link.  Click it and you get the list of all the stuff I've written (I don't know why it isn't in the main page, but I digress)

I'll be adding to it as we game, and I'll try to get everything relevant up before each session (ie: stuff you'd know as a character in the world).  I may put details in before a session, or a few sessions ahead, that could come in handy.  Most of it will be common knowledge, but some of it could be conjectured to the more obscure, and may be a useful hint hidden for the adventure.  Think of it as a way to succeed in Knowledge Checks without needing to roll.  :D

Main Page

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